Birthday Wishes for Your Brother

Happy birthday wishes are the best wishes as they show our love and blessing that we keep in our heart to our loved ones. These wishes are truly loved wrapped up in words. They bring happiness and fortune. By reading these wishes your close ones will realize what they mean to you and how much love you hold for them. If you too want to send such wishes to your pals then here is a collection of such wishes. Hope you like it.

1) I hope this birthday bring happiness to your life, cherish your soul and a long lasting smile. Happy Birthday

2) With lots of love and care have a great birthday my dear.

3) A special person like you deserve a special gift like this, happy birthday pal

4) Ok so one more candle is added to your life , I hope this bring a million lantern’s light. Happy birthday love.

5 ) A very, very, very happy birthday love, may all the glories of this world color your life, make it more beautiful, make it more bright.

6) I can’t keep calm because its my best friends birthday. Happy birthday girl.

7) Go out for lunch, by yourself a nice glass of wine, celebrate this moment, its your birthday night. A very happy birthday.

8) Lets dance to the beats of your birthday song, another year of life will make you clever and strong, happy birthday dear.

9) To the most pretty girl in this world, a very happy birthday.

10) They asked me if I was free tonight, I said no because its your birthday! Happy birthday sugar.

11) lets all get ready and jump out of our house , to make our birthday girl feel special. Happy birthday love.

12) Apart from the candles on the cake what have increased is your beauty, happy birthday dear.

13) We don’t know how you do it but each year you look younger than before, happy birthday mom.

14) Today an angle came on earth and blessed our soul with her smile, happy birthday princess.

15) You don’t know how special you are to me, how much is your meaning in my life. Just like the candles on this cake you bring light in my life. Happy birthday my love.

16) Holding my little hands you taught me how to walk , speak and recite , I love you more than anything dad and I hope you have a great time. Happy birthday father.

17) To my beast friend of all times, the guide to my life, my teacher, my protector .You are all in one to me brother. A very happy birthday, you’ll always reside in my heart.

18) Can you hear the claps, and the smiles on our face , if you cant then wake up its your birthday. Happy birthday sugar.

19) I know its crazy but you look too stunning tonight , happy birthday love.

Best Funny Birthday Wishes

  • No I cant stop jumping , its my best friends birthday. Happy birthday besty.
  • To the love of my life. I cant imagine of life without you, I wish I could stand on every birthday beside you. Happy birthday love.
  • Happy birthday boy, may all the happiness in this world, fill your life.
  • A very happy birthday to the most handsome boy of the town .
  •  This day is special , I know its crazy , here are the candles happy birthday baby.
  •  You know how much I love parties so thank you for being born today, happy birthday pal.
  •  Come on smile , its your birthday today. Happy birthday beautiful.
  •  Lets sing together in a single rhyme the birthday song for the most precious girl tonight. Happy birthday dear.
  •  Close your eyes and count to 16 because that’s how young you look today. A very happy birthday .
  • Today is the day when the pearl of our life was born. Happy birthday sweety.
  • With this beautiful cake lets being a new year of your life, happy birthday baby.