Happy Birthday Wishes!

Happy birthday wishes are the best wishes as they are written from the core of the heart for our loved ones. They bring happiness and never ending joy in the lives of our precious pals.

No matter how far you live from your close ones you can always send them these charming wishes on their special day and make them feel even more special.

So what are you waiting for scroll down and pick a bunch of Hilarious birthday wishes for friends.

  1. May these candles light up your life, happy birthday love.
  2. Happy birthday dear, have a great day ahead.
  3. Happiness is looking at your shinning eyes, happy birthday love.
  4. It’s so amazing to see how flawless you look after all these years. Happy birthday darling.
  5. I belong with you, you belong with me love. Happy birthday.
  6. With you it feels like heaven, with you I find peace. You are my sun, you are my heat. Happy birthday baby.
  7. If I could I would have wishes the best of everything for you. Happy birthday darling.
  8. In the end what will matter is you and I. Happy birthday love.
  9. I wish the best of the four worlds for you. Happy birthday my love.
  10. May all your dreams come true, may happiness bestow over you from the heaven. Happy birthday angle.
  11. You are my passion and this day is a whole year in itself. Happy birthday dear.
  12. A friend like you is a fortunate spell. Happy birthday my friend.
  13. No matter I far we go, you’ll always be in my heart. Happy birthday beautiful.
  14. Just like the stars may you stay with me forever. Happy birthday princess.
  15. All I want today is to see you happy ever and after. Happy birthday love.
  16. So close we are when I am with you, so close it feels to be with you. Happy birthday love.
  17. Happy birthday pretty girl. I hope you get everything you wish for.
  18. You look so pretty in the dress. Happy birthday sister.
  19. Life without you is just breathing without air. Happy birthday love, may you live a hundred year.
  20. Whenever I close my eyes I pray for you from my heart. Happy birthday love.

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